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Solo En RD; Pitbull VS Pitbull

Posted: April 5, 2012 in 18+, Visual Aids This video clip takes place in my beautifull home country ofcourse, and it involves a pitbull attacking another pitbull in a vicious mannor


Leopard attacks hunters

Posted: April 5, 2012 in 18+, Visual Aids If the hunter got killed by the leopard this video would be light years better. Not to graphic in this clip, i just like how the cat did his thing like a G. In this video theres a man that appeared to be riding his horse down the street and got hit by a truck. The main reason i posted this vid is to show the lack of shock these ppl showed in the presence of a dieing man…. These 3rd world countries get it in!!

Mans face falls off…

Posted: March 25, 2012 in 18+, Visual Aids Im speaking quite frank when i say this mans face fell off and stayed on the ground… Dont complain to me if u click this link, you’ve been warned I’ll be damned if this nigga’s heart is beating next to him while he’s laying dead on the street

Warning; I dont care if you watch just dont pretend like i didnt warn you multiple times This nigga got laced!! Chased through da hood with a big ass piece of wood, then the little boy/ref signals K.O. This little boy is rolling around bleeding in the streets, while the huge crowd does virtually nothing… Idk which 3rd world country this is…. (Very graphic 18+)