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Mark Mil$-Green Monsta

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Visual Aids New music video from the Stoned Republica team. Shoutout @MacMillieSRL @MarkMil$ & the video models @StephTheModel & @FrenchyxO_ULE

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Advertisements #CollaborationCity!! What happens when you lock 4 dope ass MC’s in the studio?? Your welcome_ @MingDaMercilesz @AllshadesFraze @WeAreTeamOff New exclusive video from you can buy original beats off this site and keep yourself updated with hiphop news  New video!!! Godemis is one half of the dynamic duo Ces Cru, recently signed to strange muzik. This is his new video #Dope

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Infowars; T-shirts

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Mental Calisthenics, Photo Lab You can buy a endless supply of #Dope apparel for the constant Naysayer Little girl in Colombia gives birth at such a young age, it seems damn near impossible. Kendrick performs “The recipe” for the first time, at paid dues, his album should be dropping soon “Good kid in a bad city”

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